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Become a Tapp Agent

Becoming a Tapp agent is the first step in growing your Micro SME business. With many benefits and access to strong support service, all our Tapp agents are equipped to grow from day one

Benefits of becoming a Tapp Agent

Access to Products

Access thousands of high margin products that would not have been possible through traditional supply methods

Working Capital 

Tapp allows you access to working capital to scale your business, so you're not held back by lack of financing


Educate yourself on the newest methods and techniques to grow your business, including guidance on best selling products for your customers


Unlike traditional suppliers, you don't have to worry about expensive logistics and storage. Tapp makes sure you get what you need, when you need it, at a low cost. 

Ms. Mayangsari

Yolanda Cell

West Pejaten, South Jakarta.Indonesia

I have my 5 million IDR loan application approved at Tapp. I used it to buy more products and top up my balance for digital product transactions.

Tapp helps me grow my business... This is the first time someone believes in me and really supports my small store.

Ms. Devi

Shakila Cell

Kebagusan, Indonesia

Re-stock and buying products from Tapp are very convenient, the Products are really good quality at an affordable price.

 Mr. Masihudin

Mubarok Cell

Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Indonesia

For a long time, I've got tired of buying slow-moving products for my store, until I meet Tapp.

I can buy any stock that I want or other new products available in the catalogue at an affordable price. No more comparing prices back and forth with other stores or online stores.

Become a Tapp agent today

Products you can sell immediately

Digital Products

Tapp offers the widest variety of digital products (e-money, phone top-up, electricity tokens, etc) at fast speeds with just one app at the lowest prices!

Gadget Accessories

Tapp lets agents sell premium electronic gadgets and accessories at an affordable price


Tapp offers access to hundreds of new fashionable footwear products

Home Appliances

Tapp brings you the best of high quality home appliances at affordable prices

Our Products & Services


Download Tapp app 


Sign up using mobile number and password


Complete your Agent profile and store information


Congratulations! You are now a Tapp registered agent

How to Register with Tapp

Grow your business today

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