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TAPP Studentpreneur Program

Tapp Indonesia Training Program for Vocational Students and University Students in Indonesia

Jakarta, 23rd February 2023

Tapp is a social commerce company that helps people enjoy the convenience of making various digital transactions. Its android application makes it easy for business owners to start and develop their businesses wherever they are.

Tapp application (app onwards) is made to overcome any obstacles that people face when doing transactions, starting or growing a business. These obstacles include difficulties in obtaining quality and affordable products, accessing hard-to-get business capital, a nonexistent sales and products education to develop the business and weak logistics management of business actors in shipping and purchasing products.

The majority of Indonesian experience these 4 obstacles and Tapp app has the solutions:

  1. The availability of quality and affordable products. Tapp app provides a variety of digital products and physical products that can be easily accessed through the application. A variety of selected products have high demand and are profitable.

  2. Start with small capital. The ease of transactions with relatively low capital and one balance system in the Tapp app allows business owners to maximise sales, regardless of the types of products that customers need.

  3. Education about product sales and business development. Workshops, video tutorials, and various forms of education are available to make it easier for business owners to start or develop their businesses.

  4. Integrated Logistics System with quality control and on-time delivery. Tapp ensures businesses get access to product availability and delivery in accordance with the desired transactions.

As part of the promotion and proof that Tapp’s 4 solutions can help people to start and develop their businesses, in 2017 Tapp launched STUDENTPRENEUR program. This is an education program where Tapp introduced its application to high school students and university students in Indonesia.

The app is introduced to the program participants and they are challenged to start a business using their respective smartphones and develop their micro business into a business that provides additional income. This program is complemented by digital transaction training and business development support.

For university students, Tapp works with more than 80 universities in Indonesia, this collaboration is bridged by the Student Cooperative (KOPMA) of each institution. The STUDENTPRENEUR program for students begins by introducing transactions and optimising KOPMA’s business funs for the welfare of its cooperative members.

For high school level students, the STUDENTPRENEUR program is focused on Vocational School (SMK) students who already have educational programs, curriculum and entrepreneurship classes.

In the entrepreneurship class, students get the training to make promotional materials, guides for promoting via social media and WhatsApp messenger as well as training in managing finances (cash flow) for micro businesses.

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